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Nov 30, 2017

When plastic was invented, it was hailed as a wonder material, promising to completely transform our lives, which indeed it has. None of us can truly imagine a life without this hygienic, durable and flexible material. But as a society, we're beginning to realise the consequences of the plastic world we have created, as our environment, wildlife and even potentially our bodies accumulate plastic waste. How big is the problem of plastic pollution? What's the solution? Should we swear off plastic entirely and revert to all 'natural' materials? In this talk from the 2017 Fringe Madeleine will be delving into this plastic soup of issues and considering whether plastic plays a role in a sustainable future.

Coming from a geosciences background, Dr Berg completed a PhD in geology before deciding to use her experience in science research and communication in a more applied setting. She now works at Fidra, an environmental charity based in East Lothian, on projects focused on ways to reduce sources of marine plastic pollution.

She continues to fuel herpassion for science communication through volunteering with the British Science Association Edinburgh branch.

Twitter - @BSAedinburgh