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Feb 3, 2016

A special interview for you this week, with apologies for the sound quality. Phone recordings, eh?

David Frank talks to skeptical cartoonist Polyp about his new Kickstarter project "thINK the Book". He talks about the content of the book, the trouble he's had getting it published, and his own life and skepticism.

The book will be a mix of one off vicious panel gags and several longer cartoon 'short stories'. As well as the collected cartoons themselves, the book is peppered and buffed up with juicy skeptic quotes from the likes of Carl Sagan, Thomas Paine, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Richard Dawkins, Noam Chomsky, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Charles Darwin... and so on. Religion, pseudoscience and conspiracy theories get the full treatment from Polyp.

For details on how you can help fund the project, visit: - there are links on there to the Kickstarter page. The project is currently at 63% funded, so there's still room to grow! Polyp's own website is at