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May 14, 2015

Here's part 2 of our bumper QED interview special, recorded at QEDCon 2015 in Manchester. Join David Frank and Mark Pentler for some more conversations with the great and good from the world of skepticism.

This episode features interviews with QED volunteer Steve Malone, Alan Henness from the Nightingale Collaboration, Professor Richard Wiseman, and Saturday headliner Matt Dillahunty, as a well as a short conversation with Miguel - one of the Christian protesters/proselytisers outside the QED venue - about what exactly he was doing there.

The QED Theme music used throughout the podcast is by Milton Mermikidies ( And if you want to find out more about QEDCon, their website is at

Please do leave us a review on iTunes if you enjoyed this 2 part special, as that would be a massive help for us, and we really hope you enjoyed it!

David Frank
almost nine years ago

Fixed. Thanks.

almost nine years ago

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