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May 8, 2015

A special podcast for you this week, recorded at QEDCon 2015 in Manchester. QEDCon is one of the best skeptical events on the calendar (Skeptics on the Fringe excepted, of course...) and is always both huge fun and massively interesting.

Join David Frank and Mark Pentler for an interview special so massive we've had to split it up into two parts.

This episode features interviews with Rhys Morgan, Professor Chris French, Marcel Dicke, and Mitch Benn, as well as some Aussie blokes we just found floating around the hotel.

The QED Theme music used throughout the podcast is by Milton Mermikidies ( And if you want to find out more about QEDCon, their website is at

We had a lot of fun making this one (and the next one!), and we hope you enjoy it.