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Sep 16, 2015

Every year Edinburgh Skeptics put on a lineup of talks called ‘Skeptics On The Fringe’ (SotF) as part of the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. SotF 2015 features 30 speakers over 22 nights. We've recorded the audio from most of the talks, and interviewed most of the speakers, and we're releasing these over the following year.

To launch our Skeptics On The Fringe podcast series properly (not counting episode zero last week...) David Frank spoke to Ash Pryce, the founder of Edinburgh Skeptics, and co-founder of Skeptics On The Fringe (SotF).

They talked about the early "wild west" days of SotF, some of the stranger things one sees on the high street at the Fringe, and Ash’s blog where he has shared what it’s like as a performer to battle weight-gain and depression.

Ash’s Links: Blog | Website | @PsychicConman