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Jul 3, 2015

Quick note: Still having radio mic problems. We're working on it. Sorry!

Evidence-based public policy is a holy grail for researchers but somewhere in the 'black box' of policy development other factors are at play.

Drawing on research and personal experiences, this talk will explore key questions such as: to what extent is any policy evidence-based, what types of evidence do decision-makers use and how does evidence interplay with dominant narratives and values systems? 

Jennifer Wallace is Head of Policy at the Carnegie UK Trust. She is an experienced manager and public policy researcher and analyst. Her work in the public and voluntary sector has led to positive change in legislation, policy and practice. Based in Scotland, she has experience of working with governments and stakeholders across the UK. 

A prolific writer, she has authored more than 30 reports, many of which relating to public service reform. Key areas of interest include community empowerment, user focus in public services and measuring wellbeing. Jennifer holds the degrees of MA (Hons) in Social Policy from the University of Edinburgh and MPhil in Social Science Research from the University of Glasgow. She is a Trustee of Evaluation Support Scotland and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.