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Apr 22, 2015

Bitcoin is one of a new breed of so-called “crypto-currencies” which only exist online. Fans say they provide low-cost secure money transfer without the need for bank accounts, critics say they’re used by criminals and tax evaders. Bitcoin uses a technology called “Blockchain” and, like the Internet in 1990, only a few people have heard of it and, like the Internet in 1990, it is probably on a trajectory to change the world. In this talk Dug Campbell will introduce us to Bitcoin and discuss the story so far in the real world.

Dug Campbell runs the Scottish Bitcoin Meetup and founded the Scottish Bitcoin Conference. He regularly speaks at events and provides press commentary around the disruptive potential of crypto-currencies, in addition to exploring how blockchain technologies will change society over the next few years. After over a decade as a technology lawyer, he completed an MBA before becoming a Digital Strategy Consultant. He also blogs regularly at