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Jan 25, 2016

Before we celebrate our atavistic winter solstice festival of choice based on our cultural or family heritage (or go home and get pished as you might call it) we like to let our hair down, kick up our heels, open the mic and have a good party.

This episode we have a series of short talks for your listening pleasure from our 2015 event, and we're only a month late with it!

  • Podcast co-host David Frank talks about growing up as a Jew at Christmas
  • Our chair Ewan Leeming gives us his Christmas Quiz
  • Dave Colville is talking about replicating psychology studies
  • Skeptics regular Tracey Joliffe will be enlightening us on 'The 12 Lays of Christmas' as she summarises some interesting bugs we can catch (STIs)

Your compere for the evening is the inimitable Twist!