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Jan 11, 2017

For our December Skeptics in the Pub meeting we decided to try something different: An open mic! It was specifically aimed at people who thought they wanted to have a go at doing a skeptical talk but had never done one before. We had 7 speakers all doing different skeptical topics, and our committee member and host for the evening Heather Pentler had a buzzer (from the QI board game, no less!) to let people know when their time was up.

All 7 talks are presented here in their entirety for you, although the audio quality is a bit shit in places, for which we can (as always) only apologise and promise to do better next time.

You'll hear from:

Heather Pentler - Autism Myths
John Raven - Education, Hierarchy, and the Destruction of Life on Earth.
Tracey Jolliffe - 2 FameLab talks for practise :)
Ewan Leeming - What You See Is Not Quite What You Get
Stefano Bosisio - Where Do My Medicines Come From?
Dan Ridley-Ellis - The Christmas Tree Lecture (an unexplanation)
Mark Pentler - Audiophile Bullshit
Brian Eggo - Unpredicta-Bull: End of Year Summary