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Mar 15, 2020

We're back! For one episode. Maybe more, we don't know. But we had a lot of interest in this talk from people who couldn't make it for whatever reason (mostly the novel coronavirus, as it turns out). So we popped a C90 in, hit record and play, and we're happy to bring you it just in time to kill 69 minutes-worth of lockdown.

After its victory in the December 2019 election, Johnson’s radicalised Conservative Party succeeded in implementing the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. But leaving the EU was the easy part. Now, a large number of complex and controversial policy choices, international negotiations and domestic challenges have to be addressed. And so far, the evidence suggests that the Johnson Government is committed to an extreme form of Brexit far removed from the original promises of the Leave campaign, the “deep and special partnership” model of Theresa May or even the revised Political Declaration signed off by Johnson himself in October 2019. So what will the next stage of Brexit really look like?

Michael Dougan is Professor of European Law at the University of Liverpool and Joint Editor of Common Market Law Review - the world’s leading scientific journal for European legal studies.

Twitter - @mdouganlpool