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Jan 13, 2016

We're back for 2016! Hopefully you had a great holiday, and you're ready for some skepticism. We have a couple of episodes for you, in the form of a great Skeptics in the Pub talk AND a 10 Questions interview afterwards with our speaker for this episode Paul Burns.

Why are so many otherwise intelligent people duped by scientific fraud? 

Paul became fascinated by Andrea Rossi's claims about cold fusion and set up the website eCatNews to examine them and find out more. At one point the site was receiving over 300k unique views per month. Inviting skeptics and believers alike, the discussion on site is often heated but illuminating and has given Paul insight into what happens when people believe There Is Someone Wrong On The Internet.

It's a fantastic story, and we can't do it justice here, so we'll let you listen to Paul's engaging yarn about what happened...

Paul Burns is a physics graduate, mass-spectrometer engineer and now a novelist (SF). He became interested in the truth and lies surrounding free energy and cold fusion in particular.