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Jul 28, 2017

Edit: A birthday surprise at the end of this talk. The picture attached should hopefully provide some context...

From long-running TV series to sold-out theatre shows and premium rate phone 'advice' lines, the business of 'Love and Light' and talking to the dead is very much alive and well. How are psychics able to convince the public that their other-worldly insight is genuine? Why do people insist on believing, despite the lack of evidence of an afterlife? Paul Zenon presents a potted history of what of what Harry Houdini described as ’the filthiest profession in the world’, and takes a look at their methods, past and present.

Paul is possibly best known as a magician; after several series on Children's BBC in the 90s he became the pioneer of the UK's Street Magic genre, with a number of one-man C4 and ITV Specials. His career has spanned three decades and seen him performing for audiences in around forty countries while making hundreds of TV appearances as performer, presenter nd pundit; the latter relating in particular to his inside knowledge with regard to matters generally considered by the media to be 'paranormal’. His last visit to Edinburgh was to the 2016 Fringe, in his roll as Ringmaster in the Olivier Award-winning circus-cabaret show, La Clique. 

Consumer Protection Disclaimer: this talk is investigational and for the purpose of entertainment.