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Jun 10, 2018

Here's our interview with Dr. Paul Dimeo from the University of Stirling on drug testing in sport. In it we introduce Paul to skepticism, hear what a mess cycling is, and generally have one of the most depressing conversations about sport that might have ever taken place. But it was a good one.

Dr Paul Dimeo has been a lecturer at Stirling since 2002. He began researching drug use in sport and testing from a historical perspective. In essence, he wanted to find out when and why athletes used drugs and when, who and why policies emerge to control this usage. These questions underpinned his first book 'A History of Drug Use in Sport: Beyond Good and Evil' (Routledge, 2007).

Subsequently, he researched doping in the context of the Cold War, spending a semester at the University of Texas on a Fulbright Commission scholarship (2012). Whilst a resident in Austin (Lance Armstrong's home town), all the evidence about organised doping in the American professional cycling team was published. This inspired him to develop more contemporary interests in the social impact of anti-doping policy, and the relationship of media scandals with policy organisations. he is currently working on a second book with Professor Verner Moller which explores the reasons for the current crisis in anti-doping, questions of human costs of the war on drugs in sports, and potential ways forward.