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Oct 5, 2015

With massive apologies for the crapper-than-usual sound quality, here's the next episode of the Skeptics on the Fringe 2015 podcast! The very lovely and wonderful Festival of the Spoken Nerd (Helen Arney, Steve Mould, and Matt Parker) were a massive help during our Fringe festivities, with each of the trio doing a night for us. In return, they were gracious enough to offer reduced tickets to the filmed version of their main show for EdSkeptics regulars. How nice is that?

If you like maths, fire, waves and graphs, Festival of the Spoken Nerd are definitely for you. They've just started on a massive UK tour with something like 40 dates in, and we urge you all to toddle off to the FOTSN website and see if they're playing near you.

In this interview, we speak to the trio about how FOTSN started, their thoughts on science communication and education, what to expect from their new tour, and their Fringe favourites.

And apologies again for the sound quality, but this is a much longer interview than normal. We take with one hand, we give with the other. Firm, but fair, that's the EdSkeptics way.