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Apr 20, 2015

We could all use some tips on how to market ourselves, whether looking for love online or trying to make the best impression in any situation. There will also be a marketer’s insight into why there are few porn sites for women, and an analysis of the porn viewing habits of men. We’ll lampoon the formulas romance novels use for their plots and covers. Finally we’ll look at a case study of how one porn site markets itself in safe-for-work plain view. There’ll be singing, poetry, and what we’re sure will be a very interesting Q&A afterwards.

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, David has lived in Japan and Vietnam, and most recently moved to Scotland. He has organised dozens of events for Perth Skeptics, Tokyo Skeptics, The Humanist Society of Western Australia and various other Meetup groups. He currently runs Edinburgh Skeptics’ monthly discussion group Skeptics Underground held at 2pm on the second Sunday of every month. You can read more about him at